This is a photo of the just completed sculpture “Second Star on the Right”. This is the small scale model for the life-size sculpture to be completed soon.

The small model is currently being molded in the foundry. Once the mold is finished we will cast a wax replica and ship a copy to a sculpture enlargement company. They will digitally scan the wax and enlarge it to over six feet tall. The sculpture will be milled in foam and shipped back to us in Alpine. Once I have the foam I will spend a day or two carving additional detail into the foam. Next, I will cover the foam in clay and continue to sculpt the piece. the foam gives you a great jump start into the life-size piece. It saves a lot of time and clay.

I will post more photos of the project as it moves along.

One Response to “Second Star on the Right Clay”

  1. Scott, this seriously looks AMAZING. You are getting better and better. I bet this is going to look awesome when you are all done. Can’t wait to see the pictures! I seriously LOVE this though, great job.