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The Christmas Pageant

Dennis Smith has created a beautiful Nativity set exclusively for Deseret Book.  Dennis is known for his wonderful sculptures of children so it was very natural that he chose to do the Nativity as a Christmas Pageant.

They are now in stock at you local Deseret Book and on their website here.

This photos shows the entire nativity scene.  You can also buy the individual figures.

The Holy Family

Double Angels

Double Shepherd

Double Wisemen

Single Wiseman

Single Shepherd

Single Angel

So many of us have fun memories of dressing up for a Christmas Pageant.  What a unique and fun Nativity set.

The pieces are very inexpensively priced.  They should sell out fast.

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Garden Design Magazine

I have an ad in the Garden Design online magazine. We also did an ad for Dennis Smith as well. The ads can be found here. My ad is on the very last page and Dennis’ is a couple of pages before that. Garden Design is a great magazine and we are excited to have our ads there.

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Website update

I have spent some time updating Dennis Smith’s website. I have added quite a bit more of his portfolio to the site. It’s amazing how many pieces he has created in his career of over 40 years. Check it out here.

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Dennis’ upcoming Show

Dennis Smith has an upcoming show at Williams Fine Art in Salt Lake City starting February 10th. On the 10th at 6:30 Dennis will have an Artist’s reception where he will be making remarks about his paintings and reading some of his poetry. Hors d’eouvres and Alderwood Farms Fudge will be served.

Williams Fine Art is Located at:
200 East South Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84111 – 801-534-0331

Check out their web site here.

The Show continues through February 28th. Dennis will have at least 25 of his recent paintings there, it will be worth checking out!

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Mother and Infant

This sculpture is one of my favorites of Dennis’. I love how natural and comfortable the piece feels. Dennis has a gift to be able to say much with his gestures.

We received a casting back from one of our galleries and I thought I ought to get a good picture of it before it is off to another.

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A few nights ago at the Art Center I noticed beautiful stormy blue clouds comming in and I ran and got my camera and flash. I went to the edge of the Art Center’s parking lot where Dennis Smith’s sculpture “Kristina” stands. the stormy sky was creating such a nice backdrop, I set up my speedlight to throw some light on the sculpture and came out with a couple of fun shots.

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